Align 25lbs

Align 25lbs

Align is the complete daily supple­ment that is formulated to help achieve a healthy weight and a complete bal­ance of minerals, vitamins, and gut health for your performance horse. We use the leading trademarked and case studied ingredients to take our products to a new level for complete health. From biotic ingredients for optimal gut health, chelated trace minerals,biotin, and ingredients to aid the body’s natural inflammation response, Align is the all-in-one daily feed additive for the per­formance horse. Align contains trademarked case studied ingredients to help with nutrient utilization, support the body’s normal anti-inflammatory response, vitamin and mineral balance, and gut health.

100 day supply


Product Description

All-in-one daily feed additive with Trademarked ingredients.

Additional Information

25lbs. Tub, 50lbs. Sack